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ARIMA Photovoltaics has been concentrating on Research, Development and Manufacturing of not only HCPV solar system but total solar solution and service provider. Equipped with leading professional technology and supplemented with vertical integration capability to strengthen competitiveness.
ARIMA aims to be the HCPV market leader and the best partner for customers.
1.Main products and services at present
   Arima provides HCPV solar modules, systems and single/dual-axis tracker as well as other key components.Arima also provides services on system integration and installations.
2.Newly developed/developing products and services
   a.Newly developing HCPV module with 5%+ efficiency increase and high C/P ratio.
   b.Newly developing dual-axis tracker with higher structure strength,  accuracy and C/P ratio.       
   c.Newly developed single-axis tracker with high robustness & reliability for silicon PV application.​