Module - CPV-G1

Passive air cooling without extra electricity.
Air flows in & out the module by natural convection.

The only IEC62108 certified CPV module manufacturer in Asia.
Arima field-tested and proven CPV modules successfully passed IEC62108 test that consists
of 17 testing items such as“Thermal cycle test”,“Pre-thermal Cycle + Humidity Freeze Test”,
“Damp Heat Test”, “Mechanical Robustness Tests”,“Off-axis beam damage test” and “UV conditioning”….

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Characteristic
CPV is not a brand new technology, it used to be proposed twenty some years ago.
Concentration PV includes 1) Optics: mirror or lens, 2) Receiver: III-V tandem cell, 3) Cooling: air,4) Tracker, and 5) Inverter.
III-V solar cells are with Higher efficiency comparing with traditional silicon PV cells.
Semiconductor becomes a small portion of the system cost, thus reducing overall cost

CPV technology offers a number of advantages:
1)low environmental impact
2)high efficiencies
3)constant power generation
4)low land and utility requirement
5)optimal yields and availability
Item Description
Solar cell type Triple junction cells
Solar cell efficiency > 39 %
Solar cell per module 144
Concentration 476 x
Nominal DC power (+/- 5%) 500 W(@STC)
Voltage @ maximum power 390 V
Current @ maximum power 1.333 A
Module DC efficiency @STC 27 %
Dimension 1680 x 1640 x 247 mm
Net weight 60 kg
Acceptance angle ± 0.3o
Module I-V curve