Arima Dual Axis Tracker

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Characteristic
1.Solar Tracker–3-D modeling and structure / stress (FEA) analysis in solar Tracker to assist the optimal product design.
2.Hybrid (Astronomical data tracking + Sensor tracking) Close-loop tracking.
3.Wind and night stow positions for safety and reliability.
4.System monitoring software calibrates pointing accuracy.
Item Specifications
Model Name S-Type
Tracking Movement 2 axis
Tracker Net Weight 500 kg max.
Loading Capability 1200 kg max.
Azimuth Range 0 ~ 270 degree
Elevation Range 0 ~ 72 degree
Tracking Accuracy ±0.3 degree
Wind Stow Condition 14 m/s
Arima Tracker is designed by Green Mountain professional simulation software