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Arima Group

ARIMA Group, a leading Global OEM/ODM Supplier, was established in June, 1989. To diversify its range of products and services, ARIMA Group not only strengthens investment scale in its original core businesses but in new fields of Opto-Electronics and Green Energy. For Opto-Electronics, Arima focuses on LED Color Filter, LCD Display, Touch Panel, Laser Diode and Image Sensor.For Green Energy ARIMA concentrates on III-V compound high efficiency Solar Cell and system for Space, terrestrial(HCPV) and Internet of Things(IOT) applications.

ARIMA benefits from the strength and foresight of a dynamic and forward-looking management team. Staffed with professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise in their areas of work and service, ARIMA has successfully accomplished a series of significant milestones in different applications and fields across the globe. One-stop shopping with integration of ARIMA group resources save the customer's time and cost.

It is ARIMA's promise to provide customers the most effective and efficient solutions, products and services.