Arima HCPV System Installations

1. Has been certified by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC):
    Arima PV&O is one of the first three companies in the world and the only Asian company
    that has received the IEC62108 certification in 2008.
2. Has constructed numerous HCPV facilities:
    2009 – Built a HCPV commercial site in Spain, system efficiency is > 25%.
    2009 – Built a demo site at Dasi, Taiwan.
    2010 – Built 12KW demo site at Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China.
    2011 – Built a demo site in Italy.
    2012 – Built 3MW grid-connected HCPV power plant at Pingtung, Taiwan.
    2014 – Built a demo site at Texas, US.
    2015 – Built 50KW grid-connected HCPV station at Nagano, Japan.

  • Introduction
●Arima PV&O is the only Asian company that provides products/services from cell and module to system integration.
Arima PV&O is the only Asian company been certified by IEC62108 and the only Asian company been awarded contract by ISFOC to install a HCPV power plant in Spain..
COO, Dr. P.K. Chiang, who demonstrated the 1st III-V TJ solar cell while working for Spectrolab/Boeing company in 1996.He joined  Arima PV&O in 2007 and formed the solar cell BU.
Arima PV&O is one of the few companies in the world supplying III-V solar cells for terrestrial and space applications.
Arima PV&O has installed more than 3MW HCPV power plants all over the world.
Arima PV&O can provide competitive price and high C/P value HCPV solar cell,module and system.