Arima single-axis PV tracker

Arima developed Single-axis PV tracker by utilizing its dual-axis CPV tracker technology that is with great cost/performance ratio.

Arima single-axis PV tracker can generate 15%~20% more power than traditional fix-mounted PV system to get more income and make better Investment Return Ratio (IRR).

Arima single-axis PV tracker can not only be installed on the ground or roof top but on the top of green house and allows sun light to get into the green house to make plant growth enhancement. 

  • Introduction
  • Specification
Astronomical calender Tracking.
Wind and night stow positions for safety and reliability.
System monitoring software calibrates pointing accuracy.
Item Specifications
Model Name P-Type
Tracking Movement Single axis
Tracker Net Weight 588 kg max.
Loading Capability 1138 kg max.
Tracking Range 45o degree (E-W)
Communication RS-485