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As the saying goes, bread is the staff of life. But modern people more concernd about the food safety that could affect health. 德田農業生技公司 combined modern agriculture with biological techniques, and chose the naturally edible herbs with superior quality – Dendrobium candidum as crops of greenhouse-ecological cultivation.  We used its properties of increased immunity and gastrointestinal protection in conjunction with the modern biological technology to develop the products which would improve the physiological state of modern people and make everyone feel at ease and eat for health and longevity.
The functions of increased immunity and gastrointestinal protection in Dendrobium candidum were well documented in the Chinese medicine books, such as “ Shennong Ben Cao Jing ”,“ Materia medica ”, and etc. It was also listed in the first place within the top nine herbs documented in the Taoism books. Thus, we could know Dendrobium candidum is one of the traditional Chinese herbs with superior quality .