Long-focus design with thinner module less than 10 cm
Smaller cell size results in lower thermal degradation and thus, higher Voc and F.F.
Lower current and series resistance result in lower I2R power loss. 
High yield and low cost can be achieved by automated production process.
High efficiency and reliability optics
Primary lens made of silicone-on-glass (SOG) with better anti-scratch ability
Glass secondary ball lens provides uniform light intensity distribution on cells.
Wide acceptance angle, AHA = 1o at GCR>1000X
Hermetic sealed module design preventing moisture and sand penetration into the module 

  • Introduction
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Arima Micro-cell G2-140 module use 1000X SOG primary lens and glass secondary ball lens that sharply reduce the module thickness to less than 10 cm and increase the module efficiency up to 34% (based on solar cell efficiency 39.5%. the module efficiency will be increased in case the solar cell efficiency is increased). In addition, the module robustness and reliability is consolidated. 

Extremely higher module efficiency and wider tracker acceptance angle bring  Arima CPV system cost down and much better cost/performance ratio.
Cell type Triple junction III-V
Cell per module 576
Dimension 894 x 516 x 90 mm
Weight 10.5 kg
Frame material UV resist FRP
Acceptance angle +/- 1o
Module DC efficiency@STC 34.0 %
Solar cell chip efficiency 39.5 %
Nominal DC power (+/-5%) 142.5 W(@STC)
Open circuit voltage 100.8 V
Short circuit current 1.666 A
Voltage @ maximum power 91.6 V
Current @ maximum power 1.556 A
Voc temperature coefficient -0.13 %oC
Pm temperature coefficient -0.13 %oC